Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vote Fred Thompson for President

Fred Thompson annouces He's running for President

Fred Thompson considers running for Presidential Election 2008.

Fred Thompson will make an excellent President for 2008 Election.
Let's help convince Fred Thompson to run in 2008 Presidential Election.
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Fred please run for President

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peacemaker said...

I really feel that Fred will make an excellent president. I would like to know what other people think.

The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

Senator Thompson has always struck me as a good man, but my experience of him has always been through film and television work, where he has been portraying a character that someone else has created for him rather than as himself.

That being said, I was favorably impressed by these two clips and if we had to have had a Republican President in the last two terms I think Thompson would have been far preferable to Bush.

Thompson has always seemed to me to be highly intelligent, thoughtful, and well informed about the issues and concerns regarding the future of this country.

However, I disagree with him on some key points that I doubt we will never agree on, while I think I could find common ground with him on others.

For example, urban cities take a massive death toll because of the availability of certain types of weapons and the lack of restriction on their distribution and control in those areas. Yet I agree with the principle behind the 2nd amendment. The unasked question for the 21st century: how do we find a way to make a new solution to the problem for the 21st century which preserves the spirit of the 2nd amendment but reduces the death toll created by criminals on the streets.

I say this as someone whose aunt was shot to death by a handgun in an OFFICE robbery in daytime (Leaving my four cousins orphans), and personally survived being threatened with murder in another OFFICE robbery around the corner from police headquarters. My younger brother was in the same office. So this is a very real issue to me, not some abstract point of law.

Both of these robberies were in broad daylight. This is why democrats who often live in urban areas are so fanatic about this issue.

I remember sitting in a very large Cook County courtroom with at least a hundred and fifty potential jurors and the judge polled the jury on a few questions before handing it over to the lawyers in a murder case.

The judge asked us to raise our hands if we or anyone in our immediate families had been victims of violent crime or crime in which a weapon was used. We were stunned to discover that somewhere on the order of 80-85% of hands had been raised in the air!

This is why the issue of gun control is such a touchstone for Democrats. On one hand you have those who fear their right to use a gun being taken away. However, the fear of having your life being taken away by a gun wielder is much stronger.

And don't forget. The dynamics of gang situations make personally having a concealed weapon no guarantee of survival. You may see only one attacker. But if there are a team of three or four armed gang members that you cannot see involved in the robbery, pulling a handgun may be the last thing you ever do.

Had I had a handgun in the office I worked in I might only have gotten most of us killed. And my Aunt? The odds of a gun saving her were small.

We have to look at the word ARMS in the constitution and see if that must mean GUNS and what kind of guns, if any, might be reasonably be excluded from the list of ARMS. At least in highly populated areas.

Diatribe over.

I have a great deal of respect for Sen. Thompson, wish he was a Democrat in fact, but he will have to get much further into the weeds if he is going to convince voters burned for the last 8 years to try the Republicans again.

My other problem with the clips is that they were served up by Fox News which is well known for serving up softballs for friendly Republicans. While any candidate should initially get a few softballs in his direction for awhile, Sen. Thompson should eventually have to field a few hardballs before people decide.

I will give him this, he won't have too much trouble looking better than his predecessor!

The thing I like best about Thompson is his intelligent thoughtfulness and reserve in not rushing into judgment before facts are in, and knowing when more information is needed before claims of action needed can be made. I hope that considering the question of becoming President will bring him more openly onto the political stage, at least in his commentaries, the voice of reason is always relevant and welcome, regardless of party affiliation when considering the future and safety of America and the World.

I will follow your blog with interest. Thanks for taking the effort.

I would love to see Mr. Thompson and Mr. Obama in a debate down the road.

Peter, Chief Editor, Spell Wrecker, and Political Punster
The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire, Jokes and Commentary

wastepower said...

I am for stricter gun control, but I still feel it our right to bare arms. Especially after what happened at Virgina Tech. They need to run a test to determine if the purchaser of a handgun is sane enough to own it. You know what happens though, if you take hand guns away. The bad guys, and gals are the only ones who have hand guns, and the police.