Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vote Fred Thompson for President

Fred Thompson annouces He's running for President

Fred Thompson considers running for Presidential Election 2008.

Fred Thompson will make an excellent President for 2008 Election.
Let's help convince Fred Thompson to run in 2008 Presidential Election.
1) Right click on white text area then select all
2) Right click on white text area again then copy
3) Go to your blogger dashboard
4) click on post of your blog
5) post hypertext in a place you find appropriate
6) add to Labels for this post: fred thompson, or
anything related to the election
7) click on publish
8) The more blogs you publish with this hypertext the bigger our

There is no doubt in my mind that Fred Thompson is the best choice
America has for a Presidential Election 2008. So, place this
hypertext into all your blogs, and let's see Fred win the Presidential
Election in 2008.

To let Fred Dalton Thompson know your serious about him running for President click here to Draft Fred Thompson.

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Fred please run for President

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